Welfare Facilities and Related Facilities


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Related Facilities

Akita Fujin Home

Life support facilities for Mothers and Children, nursery school and after-school child day care

Social Welfare Service Corporation, Jiai-kai Jiai-ryo

In order to protect, educate, and teach self-reliance to Japanese women who had worked as prostitutes in China, Manchuria, etc. and poor women who face the risk of being involved in prostitution, Kyofukai bought a piece of land in 1894 and established the Jiai-ryo.

Jiai-Kai also protected women from the Ashio Copper-poisoned area.
In 1953, Jiai-Kai became independent as a social welfare service corporation. Now it is an organization that supports expectant mothers and nursing mothers (from the mothers being 8 months pregnant to the mothers being at 5 months postpartum) who need help facing difficulties in life or suffering from DV.

  • Kobokan
    Orphanage, Nursery School and Children’s recreational facility, etc.
  • Osaka Fujin Home
    Women’s Shelter
  • Kobe Fujin Ryo

    Women’s Shelter
  • Tokushima Jido Home
    Orphanage, Nursery School and Children and Family Support Center

  • Kamojimahikari Nursery School
  • Kure Jiai Ryo
    Women’s Shelter
  • Megumi Kosei Center
    Residential and daycare rehab facilities and group home for persons with intellectual disabilities, etc,