House in Emergency of Love and Peace


HELP (House in Emergency of Love and Peace) was established in 1986 on the 100th anniversary of Kyofukai. HELP is an emergency shelter that accepts women and children regardless of race, visa status or nationality. HELP received the “Tokyo Bar Association Human Rights Award” in 1990 and the “Asahi Shimbun Social Welfare Award” in 2002. Telephone consultation services in Japanese, English and Tagalog are also provided.

About the Emergency and Temporary Protection Facility (HELP)

HELP guarantees a safe lodging place with three meals a day and privacy. Based on personal circumstances of women and their children using the shelter, we provide consultation and support (searching for an apartment, getting a passport and a visa, negotiating divorce, etc.) for women and children in the shelter. We also provide information and support through phone consultation.

First, please contact your local social welfare office by phone and then they will introduce you to HELP in order for you to move in.If you have no money with you and/or if you have overstayed your visa, please also contact your local social welfare office or HELP in order to get help.

As a general rule, you can stay in HELP for two weeks.
In the cases of children coming with their mothers, boys should be aged 10 or younger.
If you are in sickness, you might be declined for stay, as HELP has no medical facility. So please contact us for inquiry beforehand at our phone number, 03-3368-8855.
The lodging fee (1night with 3 meals) is 3500 Yen for adults and 2500 Yen for children.

Telephone Consultation

Through telephone consultation, we can provide appropriate information based on your personal story.
Telephone number: 03-3368-8855
Monday to Friday (Japanese and English) 10:00~17:00
Tuesday and Friday (Tagalog) 10:00~17:00

We will start telephone consultation in Indonesian from July 1, 2019
Wednesday and Friday (Indonesia) 10:00~17:00

You can contact us without revealing your name and you don’t have to tell us anything you don’t want to.
We guarantee that we will protect the confidentiality of your personal information.
We will introduce you to the related organization if needed.

Media Coverage

Director of HELP was get interviewed. (See the underlined part below.)


“Network News” (Japanese and English) (Twice a year)

Donations / Gifts

Your generous donations and volunteer activities have helped HELP with our all services.
We ask for your warm support and cooperation.

Things that we urgently need are food (within the expiration day), rice, snacks for children, new toys and stationery, new pajama, new sweat shirt, new underwear and detergent. (Please contact us through telephone: 03-3368-8855)

Please send your donation via Postal Transfer to the following account:
Account Number : 00110-5-188775 Account Name : Kyofukai Josei No Ie HELP

*When sending remittance from overseas to Japan Postal Account, please see the following homepage for your reference :