Kyofukai Step House


10周年 ステップちゃん

10周年 ステップちゃん

Kyofukai Step House was established in 2000 as a medium/long term shelter for victims of domestic violence. Complementing the women’s counseling center and House of Emergency for Life and Peace, Kyofukai Step House is a place for women to get ready for their new life. We are supporting women who strive to move forward in their lives. Women who stay with us are in various stages of their lives. For instance, some are in the process of “taking a break to decide which direction to go,” “going to hospital regularly to get medical treatment,” “beginning the divorce process with help from a lawyer,” “getting a qualification that is useful for finding a job,” and “recovering confidence through working.” Kyofukai Step House won the “Yomiuri Prudential Welfare Culture Award” in 2005 and The Body Shop “Anita Roddick Award” in 2008.

Kyofukai Step House cherishes Safety, Trust, Equality and the Power of Recovery.

Facility Information

-This is a medium/long term shelter that provides private rooms for single women. The maximum capacity of the shelter is 18 people.
-It is available for people of all nationalities.
-As a general rule, women can stay in the Step House for six months.
-It is possible to commute.
-The accommodation fee is 2200 Yen per day. The gas and water fee is 150 Yen per day. The price of electricity depends on the amount you use.
-The kitchen, toilet and shower are shared.
-Please contact your local welfare office to move in.


  • “Step House News” (once a year)
  • “Handbook for Obtaining a Protection Order” 300 Yen
  • “The United Nations Handbook for the Development of Related Acts for Preventing Violence Against Women” 1800 Yen, the publication by Nashinoki-sha

Please fax us at 03-3364-1866 for purchasing.

Media Reference and Information

  • The Catholic Weekly of Japan, April 23rd, 2006
  • The Asahi Shimbun, November 30th, 2010


  • 2005 “Yomiuri Prudential Welfare Culture Award”
  • 2008 The Body Shop “Anita Roddick Award”

Support for Kyofukai Step House!


Kyofukai Step House pays 2500 Yen for a person’s stay for a day and 5000 Yen for a person’s utilities for a month. We provide a place of relief for single women, where they can prepare for their new life. Now we ask for your financial support to help manage the shelter.

Please send your donation via Postal Transfer to the following account:
Account Number : 00130-8-564245 Account Name : Kyofukai Step House

*When sending remittance from overseas to Japan Postal Account, please see the following homepage for your reference :