Frequently Asked Question


What’s the meaning of Kyofukai?

“Kyofukai” means the organization that corrects the wrongs in the world. When Kyofukai was first established 127 years ago, the temperance movement was taking place in the United States. In Japan, however, alcohol abuse was not the only thing that needed to be corrected. In order to change a society that forced women into prostitution, the organization picked the name Kyofukai.

As an organization that operates women’s shelters, why does Kyofukai also participate in peace movements?

In 1921, Kyofukai participated in the Disarmament Naval Conference in Washington and handed President Harding (the United States president at that time) a demand for world peace signed by 10,000 Japanese Women. At that time, Kyofukai had been active in the peace movement. Kyofukai reflected on the fact that it could not stop the Pacific War even though it has always been an organization that advocates peace. Kyofukai has been working towards a society that is peaceful without the need for force in which each individual is valued.

Do I need to stop drinking if I become a member?

There is no rule that says members must stop drinking in Kyofukai. It is generally recognized that alcohol is harmful to the human body, especially to minors, pregnant women and those with alcohol addiction. People who are addicted to alcohol cannot stop drinking once they start. Therefore, in an environment where alcohol is available, please be mindful of many people suffering from alcohol addiction and take care of them. Please make your own decision keeping in mind the harmful effects of alcohol and alcohol addiction.